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Originally Posted by Whitemonk Returns View Post
Laughable to suggest RYR or WZZ as better options... Uproot your family to live in Eastern Europe? As nice as parts of it are, no thanks.
Ryanair are literally forcing people to move country to a new base or accept unpaid leave and will screw you any chance they get, and will never ever change.
Wizz have a base at Luton now that was short staffed when I spoke to someone in July. I work for another A320 operator based at another London airport, but have seriously considered going pink as their terms look very attractive, especially regarding mainly 2 sector days (I'm not getting any younger). I've worked in Eastern Europe previously both within aviation and outside of it and enjoyed it, so personally wouldn't be phased if LTN isn't available, however for anyone else it's naturally a matter of personal choice.

I have never worked for Ryanair, but spoke to a Luton-based Captain when going on holiday in January who is happy there. For those with a family Ryanair can in many cases be ideal, it's why I've stayed with a carrier that has me in my bed every night rather than one that doesn't.

In answer to the original question, Jet2 and TUI are likely to remain the dominant players in holiday travel, so the question is whether people will continue to book holidays in the way they do now. I personally prefer to DIY to places people don't naturally go (hence using Wizz a lot for personal travel), but there is a market for packages out there and that's likely to remain.
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