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Originally Posted by KelvinD View Post
Much as I don't like Corbyn as Labour party leader, I have to say, in his defence, he is the only politician thus far to have come up with a sensible proposal re the Brexit/Referendum conundrum. He is proposing his party would negotiate with the EU, then return to the UK and have a referendum with 2 choices; 1) Exit the EU under the terms tentatively agreed with the EU (and ensuring the terms are spelled out to the electorate) and 2) Cancel the whole thing, remain within the UE (and ensuring the consequences of remaining are spelled out to the electorate).
Media savages and party hacks refer to this as being uncommitted or unable to make up his mind. These people are crying that Labour should adopt a Go/Leave stance and fight a General Election on that basis. At least Corbyn's proposal will have the electorate telling the politicians what to do, rather than the other option which will have the politicians telling us what to do. And, it seems to me, was the political mindset that got us into the current chaos.
Jo and the Libs have a plan. I guess you don't like it so you ignore it.

It is the job of politicians to tell us what to do. They are the experts. They guide us. They do the graft we don't have the time to look at. Bit like pilots. We know where we want to go. They do the taking. Also do the diverting if the destination looks shit.

If we don't like what happened last time we fly with another airline. Dont let the pax try the flying. It ends in disaster. Simples
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