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Changed training regime

Originally Posted by Tomaski View Post
  • Overly-scripted training. Pretty much every where, training has become a series of scripted malfunctions that are known in advance. Multiple malfunctions are not presented. There is little, if any, use of surprise or ambiguity. Real life does not go by script, nor is there any natural law prohibiting multiple or ambiguous malfunctions.
I don't disagree, but I suspect that as soon as check rides changed to be unscripted with potential for multiple malfunctions, a significant proportion of pilots would fail.
At best, they would then need (possibly significant) retraining before they passed a re-check.
At worst, some might never pass: they either lack the natural talent or are too deeply engrained with the 'old stuff' to cope with the 'new stuff'.
Either way, it would hugely increase training costs and put a constricting bottleneck in the pilot supply chain, and would therefore be furiously opposed by the airline companies.
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