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I'll bite simply as it may help some of the TCX guys who have decisions to make...

There is no doubt TUI offer a better overall package but that gap is fast closing and not much use if you are already a Captain.

Circa 117k for a Jet2 Captain for 450 to 600 hours per year, plus optional profit share after a year which is an additional 8k so 125k total.

36 days AL plus 36 days requested days off (RDOs), the latter are capped at 3 a month and both can be booked online through a very handy system well in advance. I already comfortably have all of my personal days off and leave booked off between now and October 2020.

Only getting bigger and overall a great place to be right now. For experienced FOs, 6 to 9 months to get your third stripe depending on the time of year, SFO pay roughly 77k plus 6k bonus for similar hours as above. Time to command realistically 18 months to 3 years and your face does have to fit, the pass rate has improved dramatically over the last 2 years with the new command process also.

People do leave to go to TUI to fly the 787, but 757 replacement will be announced next year and with TCX gone long haul is inevitable here in the future.
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