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'Brexit is the reason': Less than half of English teens learn a foreign language


Less than half of English pupils choose to learn a modern foreign language at school, a new report has found.The proportion of English students sitting foreign language exams at the end of their compulsory education — at age 16 — stood at 47% in 2017, the British Council revealed in its Language Trends surveyIn 2002, that figure stood at 76%.
Brexit impact

The 2016 vote to leave the European Union has also been found to have had an impact on pupil motivation and parental attitudes.

Some 34% of state secondary schools said the result of the referendum is having a negative impact on language learning.

One respondent told the survey that they “regularly have questions from pupils or parents about the value of learning a language, as 'we don’t need it' and 'everyone should speak English.'"

"Brexit is often touted as a reason not to do a language," the respondent added.

Just 10% of respondents reported that senior management in the school they worked in had become more positive towards language study as a result of Brexit.
How come studying at least one foreign language isn't compulsory ?
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