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Originally Posted by JPJP View Post

BA management would be ecstatic at that sort of deal. It’s probably far less than they’re planning on.

Some recent history

• In 2016 Delta pilots voted in a 18% immediate pay raise and a 3% & 4% raise for the next 3 years. Including backpack and retirement. 30 % over 4 years. In 2012 they’d agreed to large raises as well.

• Both years priorto both contracts they’d voted down a paltry pay rise
Not sure about southwest but the Delta paydeals have been about getting back to where they were prior to the September 11th attacks. With chapter 11 protection came many redundancies, a complete surrendering of the entire pension scheme and a circa 40% pay cut IIRC. No doubt they are very well remunerated now though! They also have a profit related bonus scheme...
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