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Originally Posted by Xulu View Post
BA Management has shown repeatedly they will not be negotiating. They would rather lose hundreds of millions in revenue than give in. They will play nasty, threaten you, spread lies in the media rather than do a deal.

It is not logical behaviour. That is simply because it is not their money they are playing with, it is shareholders. They are slowly putting Plan B in motion that will break BALPA forever, give them time they will win.

Therefore the only thing that will stop them is the shareholders, because it IS their money being lost.

The strike needs to be decisive, and force shareholders to put pressure on management. That is the only thing they will listen to.

If BALPA announce 6 months of strikes they will fold immediately before any legal action is brought. Not because of management, because of the shareholders protecting their investment.

The terms are:
15% over 3 years.
Public Apology from BA.
Cruz resignation.
Reinstatement of Benefits.
No disciplinary action against strikers.

Until then BA is grounded.

This will resolve the strike within days.

If you want to play fair and nice with Waterside, they will happily drag this out until Plan B is ready and they hold all the power over you. Scare the shareholders and you instantly win.

You have just grounded the airline. It is you that has the power.

Use it or lose it.
BA management would be ecstatic at that sort of deal. It’s probably far less than they’re planning on.

Some recent history

• In 2016 Delta pilots voted in a 18% immediate pay raise and a 3% & 4% raise for the next 3 years. Including backpack and retirement. 30 % over 4 years. In 2012 they’d agreed to large raises as well.

• Both years priorto both contracts they’d voted down a paltry pay rise.

United management then matched the Delta deal.

• In 2014 Southwest pilots voted in a 14% immediate pay raise and 3% raise for the next 3 years. Including raises in retirement and full back pay. The year before they voted down a paltry pay offer.

Walsh and Cruz understand these numbers. And how low their costs are comparatively. Delta and United are direct competitors. All three airlines pay more than BA. in every respect. They are also firing on all cylinders - Unlike BA; who have been a management disaster for years.

The only thing holding back BA as an airline, is their management. Hopefully the shareholders see the problem.

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