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Originally Posted by EGAC is Better View Post

It is a small sample size but realistically how many people actually disagree with the sentiment?
Agreed - the Which statistical sample is a nonsense but the publicity is real and the sentiment is undeniable. I'm happy to commute domestic via BFS but international arrivals is an embarrassment, there are 50s-70s era terminals in former eastern bloc airports that are better equipped and better modernised.

It didn't matter as much when international arrivals were mostly bucket and spade returnees, but if we have aspirations of inward tourism arrivals then this needs to be improved, our experience of arriving from Bergamo earlier this year with the loading well over 50% (anecdotally) non NI residents, then the arrival experience was absolutely dreadful and a terrible first impression of NI. You don't get a second chance at a first impression.

Speaking of which if BGY is lost from the RYR schedule then that is a crying shame, a fantastic route which seemed to be well used.
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