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Sandy Reith
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Just to reinforce why CASA has taken the action against Glen. Years ago I attempted to hand over my flying school AOC permit to a couple that had been operating it for some time, one being Chief Flying Instructor already, and using their own aircraft. In other words everything exactly the same except the ownership name of the permit on a piece of paper. Would CASA transfer the AOC?
Why? because they would have lost out on the money, some $ thousands in application, scrutinising and vetting backwards and forwards of a one off Operations Manual. CASA personnel would also have lost salary justification. These are the factors that have lead to the CASA change of policy towards Glenís logical system to spread the administrative burden over a number of schools. Glenís successful model was a direct threat to the make work money machine of CASA, the whole house of cards topped off with the fatuously titled Director of Air Safety on $600,000 pa.
Real reform requires political action, ring write contact your federal MP and Senators.

Flying school permit Australia; months? years? $50,000? $100,000? Several approved personnel, including graded instructor.
Flying school USA; No permit required.
Gain Instructor Rating (no gradings) $15.99 book and start immediately anywhere. (Yes the AIM price has risen $1.04 since last posted).

US:- $14.95 book with index. Start immediately with ins. rating. CASASTROPHE edited library $thousands, months or years, maybe permissible eventually.
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