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Originally Posted by Fly Aiprt View Post
Not exactly what I would qualifiy as a "reasoned debate and grown up discussion" (30th march 2019), but some of our British future ex-partners are sooo peculiar ;-)

Running back the time machine to Brexit prehistory, I finally stumbled on something :
" I voted leave because I detest multiple levels of government. Each level requires staff, buildings and associated costs. The EU parliament annual budget, just to exist, is roughly 1.5B."
" This is the root of the problem for me. If the EU had stayed as a strong trading block of wealthy nations I could see its benefit. The minute it expanded to let everyone in its decline became inevitable. "

Benefitting from the EU, then.
Europeans might smile : would the then sick man in Europe have been admitted ?
While I can't answer your last point, the EU needs countries that are net contributors. How would the EU survive if those net contributors decided they did not want to be part of the project?
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