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Originally Posted by red9 View Post
This from the other PPRuNe site :

Anyone considering applying to this company under the current Leadership team, have a good hard look at this post, talk to a few people on the inside and have a good hard think about whether this is the kind of company you want to work for. The intimidatory tactics used on pilots including potentially illegal salary deductions and the complete lack of a duty of care towards its employees (there are stories floating around of non striking pilots who are sole carers for their children being stuck downroute, who have now been told to make their own way home). The behaviour of the company at this point is disgusting and where are the CAA in all this when pilots are being coerced with threats of massive pay deductions way in excess of one day’s worth of strike action? The impact on the mental health of its workforce cannot be understated and is a flight safety risk when they come back to work.

I wouldn’t wish this company on my worst enemy right now.
There shouldn’t be anyone “stuck down route” ? You work normally if your trip leaves before the 9 th and you work normally until you get back to Base. I understood you only strike on flights ex Base.
Apparently only 9 pilots turned up for work yesterday.
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