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I must be getting slow after a long day flying, but I remain rather befuddled as to what basis the latest issues by EASA arise under. I was apparently mistaken in my belief that EASA is a signatory to the TIP:

TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION PROCEDURES FOR AIRWORTHINESS and ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATION between the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America and the European Aviation Safety Agency of the European Union Revision 6, dated September 22, 2017 And Amendment 1 dated June 22, 2018 Amendment 2 dated April 2, 2019.

Used to be that some regulatory protocols existed, Para 1.6 was the protocol for addressing concerns, and that seems at odds with the current state of affairs. TRUMPing it all, EASA products would be subject to some level of quid pro quo, which would be an unfortunate state of affairs for euro products, which have their own oddities that come to pass from time to time. In these strange times of "fake news", EASA products acceptance by the FAA are subject to the mutual recognition under the TIP, so there is room for this to blow back into EASAland. Why on earth would the king with no clothes not beat up on what can be characterised by politicians as an unfair market. Do I think it is unfair? doesn't matter, it only matters what the Mad Hatter thinks in Fort Fumble.

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