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Originally Posted by etudiant View Post

Quite interesting development. I'd expected the Chinese to be the most recalcitrant regulators, rather than the Europeans.
This could be simply PR in that EASA wants to be seen as attempting to distance itself from the credibility difficulties the FAA are currently having.

Or it could be as a result of the ongoing discussions between EASA/Boeing/FAA. If EASA are raising issues which are being marginalised by Boeing who are then backed by the FAA then I can see them taking a more ‘independent’ stance.

It would be best for everyone if all parties sat down together and resolved this like adults, putting commercial/national/economic concerns aside and looking at this as a purely engineering and flight safety matter. My gut feeling however, based on some of the statements made by both Boeing and the FAA, is that the FAA is still putting the economic well-being of US aviation on a par with safety and are expecting EASA to collude with them in this.

EASA also know that they have considerable influence here. I don’t think that anyone seriously thinks that a ‘US-only’ ungrounding will fly, so to speak. That would eventually cause more problems than it would solve.

Looking at things more globally, it is not outside the bounds of possibility that EASA are taking up the cause on behalf of China. It is almost certain that there have been discussions between EASA and the CAAC about the ungrounding and with the ongoing bunfight between Trump and Beijing, EASA taking the lead on this depoliticises the whole thing.
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