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Theoretically, if a vote for dissolution takes place this week, and election could take place as early as 17th October.


Arranging a dissolution takes a few days, with formal proclamations in both Houses, a washing up period for essential orders to ensure continuity of government funding etc, so 24th Oct is more likely.

So, all ready for a new government to stop Brexit before the 31st then? (Assuming Boris doesn’t win a majority)

Not so fast.

If an election takes place place on the 24th and there is no majority, the incumbent remains PM until they can advise ER on a replacement - after the election on 7th June 2015, Tony Blair remained in post and did not resign as PM until 28th June.

Assuming that the election does not return a Conservative majority, the most probable result is no overall majority and BJ remaining in post until after 31st Oct.

Even assuming an alternate MP is elected with a majority, it will have to pass legislation to request an extension or revoke A50. MPs are not sworn in and a Speaker appointed till the following Tuesday after an election, then there are 2 days of formal set speeches and debates. At the very earliest, such legislation would only be able to be debated on Thursday 31st October - and would require Royal Assent before being law and replacing the current Act.

If there is an election, the chances of Brexit being stopped are now invisibly small.
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