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Originally Posted by Gertrude the Wombat View Post
It would be brilliant for him.

He'd get the no-deal crash-out he so desperately wants, and he would also be able to blame it on someone else. Your pick from:

"It's the Tories' fault."
"I kept telling you we should have had a GE sooner."

or, most likely:

"A big boy did it and ran away."

(I was supposed to be printing leaflets at the weekend, but they got canned because of the retrospective nature of election expenses these days - money you spend before the election was called can count against election expenses.)
It appears we are talking of an Election prior to leaving.

"Boris Johnson knows that if no-deal Brexit stands on its own as a proposition, it might well fail," he said."But if he mixes up the Brexit question with the Corbyn question in a general election, he could succeed, despite a majority being against a no-deal Brexit, because some may fear a Corbyn premiership more."He [Mr Corbyn] should see an election before Brexit is decided, for the elephant trap it is."
Tony BLiars view.
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