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Originally Posted by TCU View Post
I commute between CPT and LHR 3 or 4 times a year

Mostly fly BA Y these days (either direct or via JNB) as the cracking EK Business Class fares of a few years ago are a distant memory. My Silver card has been cast into history, but I survive (used to fly this route a lot with BA in C).

BA is mostly on time. I nearly always bag a reasonable fare. Service is normally fine and even though the 744's are old in the tooth, I'm always pleased to be on a blue, red and white tailed G-reg plane when over the heart of darkness.

Living in Africa with its daily ups and downs, when I arrive back in the UK, I get the sense most Brits have gone soft, lost there sense of place and adventure and think they are entitled to something they can't afford.

So fellow snowflake Brits, keep on moaning. I'll keep boarding my BA flight from Africa to Blighty as I am sure it will get me home to my family safe, without too much drama and at a reasonable fare.
TCU - Your comment is the best of them all. The blue, red & white tailed aircraft have taken me safe to the most distant places in the world, there have been times when I sighted in relief when I saw these trails before going home. My return to Europe after the Iceland volcanoe erruption, the care by staff and the comradeship of the crew
will never be forgotten. On hundreds of flights I have never been starving, or feel thirsty. Blue, red & white aircraft have brought stranded passengers home, who had travelled on airlines which went bankrupt while they were abroad. Thanks for reminding us of the good sides of the company. Yes, there are managers, who shouldnīt
work in this business, soul less bean counters, as I have experienced myself. But I still get my pension, without which I couldnīt survive. Still have my travel concessions, which are more than generous.
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