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Originally Posted by Gertrude the Wombat View Post
Depends what "all" it is that people want stopped.

For some of them, the following sequence of events
  • VONC
  • general election in November
  • crash out of EU with no deal on 31 October
is not going to "simply stop" it "all", because for them "no deal brexit", or any "brexit", is included in the "all" that they want to "stop".

The plan of the opponents to Brexit as I understand it is to call a VONC, install a mpuppet PM who will then ask the EU for an article 50 extension (the crucial bit) and then call a GE. A new Remain leaning government would then hold a new referendum. It depends on the EU agreeing to a suitable extension. In this event the 31 Oct deadline is dispensed with, is this not the proposed plan? I thought the LD’s wanted a new referendum?

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