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the wrong type of family
Perhaps this is due to there being a shortage of "the right type of family"? I will have to look up the rules on what constitutes a right vs wrong type..
Maybe judgemental, but they invariably have tattoos also which are not cheap.
You mean in the manner of Mrs Cameron?
I didn’t see the news item, but were these parents the ones that can’t afford to feed their children during school holidays as they normally get free school meals?
Indeed they were. It was an item on the BBC news.
And another item on the BBC News tonight:
A man was a driver for DPD, on one of those much lauded zero hour contracts. He was suffering from Diabetes and had a kidney problem. One day, he had to miss work in order to attend hospital and the company fined him 170.00 for failing to turn up for work. He and his wife were living close to the poverty line, so this was a big blow financially. As a result, he missed his next 3 hospital appointments, terrified of losing that sort of money again.
Now his widow is facing eviction from their home. It looks as if she will be yet another looking for a food bank and a shelter very soon. She didn't appear to be anywhere near 20 stone, had no tattoos that I could see. Now, which sort of family will she fall under, right or wrong?
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