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Paul Lupp
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Winter 1991, from BA Investor (my late father had shares....)
I thought that this was so good, I used to carry a copy round with me in my diary, to show any company that was struggling to set its own mission statement up.

A Company aiming to be the best.

The corporate mission of British Airways is: To be the best and most successful company in the airline industry.

The company's seven corporate goals are:

Safe and secure
To be a safe and secure airline

Financially strong
To deliver a strong and consistent financial performance

Global leader
To secure a leading share of air travel business worldwide with a significant presence in all major geographical markets

Service and value
To provide overall superior service and good value for money in every market segment in which we compete

Customer driven
To excel in anticipating and quickly responding to customer needs and competitor activity

Good employer
To sustain a working environment that attracts, retains and develops committed employees who share in the success of the company

Good neighbour
To be a good neighbour, concerned for the community and the environment
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