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Originally Posted by sleeve of wizard View Post
A review of the FCTM for Overweight Landings gives all the guidance that is required.

Overweight landings may be safely accomplished by using normal landing procedures and techniques. There are no adverse handling characteristics associated with overweight landings. Landing distance is normally less the takeoff distance for Flaps 20,25 or 30 landings at all gross weights. Brake energy limits will not be exceeded under normal or non-normal conditions.

The overweight landing NNC requires a check of the landing weight against the landing climb limit weight, and a check of the Vref 30 plus additives for at least a 10kt margin on the limit speed.

If the landing distance is a concern, Boeing's guidance is to reduce the landing weight as much as possible.

An overweight auto land is not recommended due to lack of testing and certification.
And Boeing went to all that nonsense trouble of installing a fuel dump system.
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