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Originally Posted by Icerefugee View Post
Once upon a time, I was proud to work for BA. Customer Service.
Once upon a time, I was proud to be a BA passenger. No longer, the airline is almost an embarrassment to the UK. Where are the decent in-flight meals like those amazing hot breakfasts that used to be served on the domestic routes to/from Heathrow? I booked a flight to return on Sunday, the self-appointed 100th anniversary Day, hoping that there may have been a souvenir on offer.... oh dear, a small piece of chocolate shrink-wrapped in a plastic "100 years" wrapper was as good as it gets !
The inflight meal was a miserable cold chicken sort-of-salad - a premium product without premium in the service.

Originally Posted by Icerefugee View Post
To Fly, to serve? Who are we serving? .
"To fly, To screw as much money out of the passengers as possible"..... I did recently find the full "mission statement" from the 1990s and have it at home on my computer. Somewhere along the line, Management lost the plot and the motive is now to make as much money as possible for the shareholders and company executives. I just hope that the aircraft monitoring/maintenance safety standards are not being compromised
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