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Originally Posted by PAXboy View Post
Qantas will run 20-hour test flights to check how the human body copes with its planned ultra-long-haul routes.

The airline has announced its intentions to fly direct between both London and New York and Sydney – the world’s longest nonstop services.

The 10,573-mile journey from Heathrow is expected to take 20 hours and 20 minutes at an average speed of 520 mph. The most direct route would take the plane over Denmark, Latvia, western Russia, northeast Kazakhstan, China and the Philippines before making landfall in Australia close to Darwin.

The Independent
Presumably they are going to fly around Indonesia!

Perhaps my worst flight was in an AF B777-300, night flight, 12 hours, CDG/SIN in 10 across economy seating, IT WAS HORRIBLE!

The return of that trip I flew in a KL B777-200, day flight, 14.5 hours, MNL/AMS in 9 across economy seating and it was OK, I was a smoker at the time but once I had got past the initial number of hours, whereas the hours until my next fag were less than the hours since my last fag, I was OK and even when the KL cabin crew were having their rest there was kind of like an open buffet area to go and grab a snack or drink, it was OK.

I've read that these QF test flights are only to seat around 40 pax, sure I've ridden otherwise empty ferry flights before now, room to spread out, three or four seats to oneself, I appreciate that they say they want to determine any impact upon the human body but what about with a load factor of 100%, squeezed in to economy class, screaming kids or whatever, allowing pax to stretch their legs if only with a walk to/from an open buffet area?

I think that if these Asian carriers can offer a PDQ connection with lesser fares then many pax shall continue to opt for indirect flights.
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