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Originally Posted by tartare View Post
What is the heaviest weapon load ever that an F-4 carried?
The aircraft became heavier as the years went by due to modifications, especially the FG1. We flew a trial to increase the max take-off weight from 58000lbs to 60000 lbs in D fit (3 tanks) plus 4 Skyflash, 4 AIM9 and 4 1000 lb bombs. But that was not a war load in the late 80s when we did this. It was just a means of achieving the desired mass.

Edit: I have thought a bit more about this fit. We definitely had the 3 tanks and 4 x 1000 lb bombs but probably did not have the missiles, and if we did just the Skyflash. My logbook doesn't state the actual load so this is just from memory.

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