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Originally Posted by Dont Hang Up View Post
Yes, but if you read that it quickly becomes clear that it means leaving with a deal and a free-trade agreement. However Boris continues our headlong rush to the no-deal cliff-edge.
No it means joining the EEA temporarily, sounds reasonable. Interesting to note that the L wing groups in Iceland were keen to join the EU and the EEA was the first step. They are fortunate like the Swiss not to within the control of Brussels although some regulations on standards are complied with, quite rightly.

When I wrote that the ROI is a beneficiary I meant that
72. 5 billion received - 32 billion paid in . Since 2015 a small net contributor,I didnít make myself clear.

Macron, as expected, is following his standard line, he is annoyed that the UK contaminates his grand vision for project Europe . Thatís how it is, the wily compromise artist Merkel will be silent, she has cleverly played her part .BJ will try to offer new suggestions, they will not be accepted and the UK will leave on the 31st Oct.

I donít understand what everyone is worried about .
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