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Not only that, but the thing is made of composites (plastic) and used a heck of a lot of energy, with the resultant CO2 generation etc, when it was manufactured, and it will never cover enough miles to be as energy efficient as a commercial aircraft, in terms of paying back the CO2 debt incurred during its construction.

It's a publicity stunt, that is aimed to show her as being far more virtuous than she really is. If she was serious about making a low environmental impact transatlantic trip she could have opted to use an older, wooden sailing boat, where at least most of the embodied CO2 remains locked up in the structure (but even that would probably have had plastic sails and ropes).

Perhaps someone needs to point out that the yacht she's sailing on will be polluting the ocean with tiny microscopic particles of plastics that come from the ropes and sails as a part of the natural wear process of these.
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