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Originally Posted by travis.karl View Post
1. Sky was the first flight school with a cooperation agreement with RYR. So it was basically exclusive.
2. Even after 737 max crashes RYR continued to establish new partnerships with flight schools.

And now a question to all you paid pumpers:
Why would RYR do this if Sky would have done a great job and delivering good APS finishers?
Make up your mind you fools!
Rumours say that sky even recently lost their responsible person for their APS MCC courses. If this is true you must really reconsider selecting your flight school.
Well for me all of this points to a very clear direction.
What a bogus argument Carl. 3 months ago RYR Recruitment said in this very board that they were going to be taking in +1000 cadets over the next 18 months. It's pretty common knowledge that around 60% don't pass the final assessment but let's say 50/50 pass/fail rate. That's 2000 interviews at least! If Ryanair wants to increase the numbers of APS candidates to just 25% that's 500 people. No single MCC provider pumps out even close to those numbers in a year with normal MCC let alone a specific airline program. It's just logic that Ryanair would try to establish with other providers. Hell you could probably have a program at every MCC school in Europe and not get 1000 cadets that went through a specific RYR program.

With all that said I don't like the idea of APS. And a few instructors there didn't agree either. Reason being it's not a garantee that you will get the job in the end and every employer will know you weren't their first choice.

​​​​​I really think I'm living in bizarro world and we're talking about different schools. I don't know what you get from all this negative spamming.
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