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I very much doubt that Mostafa will come up with a response, but I would sagged that it is more likely to be that he cannot come up with a credible one as much as anything. The New IRA is comprised of folk exactly like himself, driven by exactly the same motives. You cannot resort to patriotism without acknowledging the right of others to adopt it from their own perspective. Put an assault rifle in the hands of an eighteen year old Fenian and tell him that those men in khaki are murdering scum and there you go, play him a couple of verses of "Come out you Black and Tans" and you have a full blown shooting war.

It sums up the situation quite well when people say that they cannot see the connection between Brexit and the GFA. It's a lot clearer than say for example the assassination of an arch duke in Sarajevo and the resulting brouhaha that led to several million deaths, but it happened.
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