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Not that much of the media will point ti out but Boris has for
1 Outright lies
2 Deceiving people-viz his wife and newspaper editors he falsified stories for
3 Deceiving himself- has not the faintest idea where the money for all these things will come from-not the Rich or American corporations thats for sure
4 Being easily influenced through his vanity and laziness -all well documented
5 Not understanding the consequences of his actions might take more than a week to emerge

Also any PM who threatens the sovereignty of parliament should be instantly removed from office and face charges of treason. A s we have no head of state as such we have only parliament between us dictatorship and that looks like where we will be heading if parliament is removed form the equation. How about the PM just deciding he will stay in power for ten years or maybe twenty . 1930s Germany 20teens England far far too may similarities

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