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Originally Posted by A_Van View Post
I thought that dirty guys like this one usually had tons of compromising materials on their big time buddies who were involved in their games or just serviced (e.g. on his "lolita flights"). And keep these materials in a safe place as a guarantee that those compromised would make their best to secure him from the "sword of justice" when the rainy day comes. Recall "The Bank Job" movie with Jason Statham.

I wonder why it did not work with Epstein? Or maybe some time later one of his "authorized representatives" would send heavy parcels to various addresses with greetings from the tomb?

If it does not happen it would be logical to think that real Epstein is not dead and was taken away from prison and hidden somewhere.
Vaguely plausible that it worked the first time, that might explain the absurdly lenient deal he got. Possible he was "out of ammunition" or realized it was just to hot this time around.
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