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Originally Posted by 747 jock View Post
Lying Tory MP's?
How about lying Labour MP's (from your favourite news source)

And as to evading questions, how about answering this one:

You seem to think that it's only the Conservatives who won't answer questions:





Well first, I didn't, but should have, realised that under a Ministry of Information ( sub section JB ) decree " No freethinking member of the public shall be critical of any member of the Conservative and Unionist party . Members of the public are encouraged to report such abuse. A sliding scale of rewards and national honours will be available for those public spirited citizens who accumulate the most points for their number of reports over the course of the year "

And then there's those links....the first is now an ex MP..she was hardly unique, and she won't be the last, and you seem to have blissfully ignored my complete lack of sympathy and support for her.

Any links that involve the Sun / Excess and Mail are never really going to be taken seriously, apart from the faithful readership, possibly not relevant in the case of the first , and the content of the first one was hilarious, or rather the source, a Mr Baker was. He must be unique in proposing the M.o.D ( universally criticised on here and in the real world ) provides "proper answers ".....

The Labour MP in the last one ?...true, she didn't directly answer the question, but, that doesn't make her a liar unlike, for example, Boris who happens to be ( temporarily) our PM and for whom being an established liar ( and there's been plenty of condemnation from those in his past to support this ) is all in a days work

" Just catching up on Mr Farage's foray down-under.

Would someone please come down and take the pr...k home

Less I be accused of wishing him harm, and I've suggested this before, as Australia is very large, and contains some of the most venomous species in the world, I feel it would be an excellent opportunity for Nige to commune with nature and explore his inner self in the tranquillity of, say, the Northern Territories for example.

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