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Originally Posted by back to Boeing View Post

Noel your understanding of liberalism is a little
off the mark as well. You are trying to associate it with right wing politics by conflating leftism with communism. Here you are wrong. Liberalism, communism and facism are the three spokes to that wheel.

Liberalism can in no way be associated with right wing if it canít be associated with left wing politics either.
Where did I say that Liberalism is associated with the likes of fascism?
I did point out that two people that get 'tarred' as 'right wing' have pursued more Liberal policies than many others.
I agree that Liberalism fall between fascism and communism, but the left-wing ideas of the social collective or the commune subverting the individual are the opposite of the the Liberal idea of the liberty of the individual. So a 'liberal leftie' is a contradiction of terms. There are very grey boundaries in politics, but for true Liberals the individual can be subverted to neither an elite nor a collective. Free market economies and getting the government off the backs of the people are Liberal concepts, no matter how you might want to view the individuals involved!
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