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My experience is the opposite. Having worked in the industry for many years and having worked closely with EZY for some of that time, the vast majority of occasions passengers are well looked after. The speed in which it happens can often vary based on the organisation of those on the ground, it can sometimes take time to arrange nonetheless. Let’s also not forget that an airline of EZY’s size probably has at least one of these types of overnight delays/diversions and presumably they don’t make the media because passengers are adequately taken care of.
You maybe right, it might be my case, the case reported above and other examples are outliers, but my experience was shambolic from the initial cancellation right through to getting my expenses paid - it looked like nothing had been thought about in advance, and at all the external touchpoints it seemed like "Oh god, not again..."

I know all too well that third party providers are used right across the industry somewhere in the passenger journey, no matter who you fly with.
Having worked at a ground handling company, you are used to sh*t happening and you pull out all the stops to keep things moving. If you're getting ignored or de-prioritised, there's a reason...
The comments about the easyJet customer service particularly ring true - useless (I got charged for changing my booking to the 'next available flight' after a cancellation), and in sorting out accomodation we only got any sense once the hotel put us in touch with the third party supplier - the story directly from easyJet changed constantly.
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