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Some information would help.
What passport do you hold?
What licenses do you have?
How many hours do you have?

An ugly truth, correct me if im wrong. There is no such thing as "expat life" for in experienced (perhaps even experienced) FOs.

The aviation world isnt short of pilots, they are short of captains, ie. PIC. So without leverage, a FO is fortunate enough to get a job on a jet. Even that is hard enough, ATPL is pretty useless without 1500hrs; type rating is pretty useless without 500hrs on type; hours are pretty much useless without hrs on multi-crew aircraft.

See the dilemma there? How to get hrs on multi-crew without experience, then how to get jet hours without being on multi, etc.

Have you tried applying for cadet in your "passport" country? I know some countries only hire fresh out of college cadets, in my country for example, we accept up applicants up to 32 years old, infact my classmate was 35 by the time he completed him whole training and checked out as a first officer.
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