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Brown as PM Boris as PM
brown takign over from Blair was something the whole country had known about for years including the election that Tont Blair won bfore steppign down.

Brown had a significant working majority in the Commons and labour could legitimately claim to be the party elected by the country

Johnson - selected by a conservative cabal and then the wider but still minuscule (on national terms membership) and has not been democratically elected in any way at all and currently has a majority of one.
So brown was not elected but took over from a PM with a reasonable majority
Johnson has no majority and the Conservative party cannot claim to rule the country

but hey we cant have it put in the papers like that.

What can be put in the papers-ie the Express is Boris tells Uneclected Bureaucrats to back down, but Bureaucrats are not elected and not supposed to be elected, Boris on the other hand is is our PM , a position one is supposed to be elected to but he isnt and doesnt have a majority in the Commons . With headlines like that is it any surprise some people were mislead

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