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Originally Posted by CoodaShooda View Post
Smith needs more time in the nets. He keeps getting out in the 140's.

I have to admit I was surprised at the speed of the final day capitulation. Other than Woakes, who impressed me throughout the match, you have to wonder whether the English team has the ability to mount a comeback.

Has as anyone else wondered whether the MCC dictating not only the brand but the construction of the ball constitutes ball tampering?.
It wasn't a capitulation. It was a strategic reduction in numbers to allow the players more time to recuperate prior to Lords.

Mr Woakes has always batted lower than he should given his ability to score very useful runs..... been known to take wickets as well .....which also helps.

The ball issue is a red herring.......after the Aussies overcome their shock at seeing the real thing, in comparison to their own reversed engineering version, they seem to have no difficulty in understanding the purpose and use of the ball in the game.
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