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Rude, me, never. Actually I probably was a little rude and if I offended then my humblest apologies.


“Not knowing the origin of the information nor its veracity”

Then can I suggest we do 2 minutes of research into the veracity of a link before posting it.

I have come across this website many times while debating a range of issues and it is the easiest source of information to discredit.

It is websites like conservapedia that have managed to convince people that abortion causes breast cancer, global warming is a hoax and privately armed citizens have effectively prevented many mass shootings as in the link you provided.

“but not whether you concede whether or not it is accurate in terms of the instances listed.”

No, the instances listed are not accurate at all.

“The latter cost billions of Scandi kroners/crowns.”

Let's all hope we never wind up seeking refuge in a distant country lest they stress about the cost of sheltering us.

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