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Originally Posted by Expressflight View Post
The load factor for June was 46% unless there were any cancelled flights I'm not aware of. There seems to have been a large increase in capacity on GCI-LON this year and the decision to fly GCI-SEN daily seemed strange to me.
I have tried, in previous posts, to explain that Channel Island routes are not money spinners. In particular, Guernsey routes are marginal. This load factor & the personal experience of another poster just go to prove this supposition. There has been a large increase in capacity this year (EGLL & EGMC). Together, this adds c120 seats per day. It is generally not possible to fill anywhere near all of these seats. The demand is simply not there ; as is also the case with the LOG Bournemouth service. Consequently, Blue Island are highly unlikely to add a second daily ‘MC flight. There is much complaining in Guernsey at the lack of routes to the island , & the lack of a LCC. Until there is a significant increase in demand (& usage) of existing services & airlines, there can surely be no further increase in services & destinations ; or of a reduction in fares provided by a LCC.
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