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Originally Posted by arketip View Post
He is resident in Switzerland, since 2006, with a residence permit in Zurich and family there.
Double identities are not uncommon. Neither are (legal or not) side hustles across borders. Frankfurt Central is, well... shall we say there is a lot of „special interest“ stuff going on there.

Word is he was/is psychotic. Still the question remains: he had been reported as critically psychotic and he was wanted by Swiss police. So why is there no control system in place to stop such a person from moving around freely. I clearly remember times when a sicko with a police warrant on him would have not just crossed a border like that.

I also happen to have experienced how in some countries, central stations are the pride of the city and psychos don’t get to just run around there or in other parts of downtown. In Europe we just seem to accept that they have become magnets and living rooms for the worst of the worst.

Public safety has been sacrificed. For what I ask.
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