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Thanks to all who kindly answered my foreigner's questions.
It must be understood that viewed from the outside, the UK is a member state with particular privileges, and for reasons of its own it wishes to leave the EU.
They should have left by the month of March, and yet they are still there.
People don't really bother with who exactly in the UK does, or rather doesn't do his homework, Parliament, Government, Prime Minister, parties, what not.
What is obvious, is the lack of anticipation and preparation of the stakeholders in the UK, and the idea that they hope they'll forever be able to ask for new delays, new advantageous (for them) deals, etc.
Clearly, when one examines the arguments of the leavers and the remainers, as to business booming or receding when - or rather if - they leave, some of them must be wrong.
As for the Europeans, when they see how much the UK has benefited from the EU, they have an idea of who might be wrong and uninformed.
As a participant of this forum, I'd be much interested not in the dreams of the leavers or the nightmares or the remainers, but rather in hearing what will they actually do : how will the border with the Republic of Ireland (= Europe) be implemented, what tariffs on what goods, how will the trucks queuing at Dover be managed, what about pilot licences, how will the British aircraft certification be harmonized with that of the rest of the world etc.
Is work on all these points actually in progress, or are we still in the realm of wishful thinking ?
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