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Fact from fiction? What? I posted facts, hard indisputable facts, and you dismiss them with ridiculous platitudes about the economy being unbalanced and needing readjustment, again, what!? I'm sure that the thousands of car workers facing unemployment in the North and the Midlands will appreciate this odd need for readjustment. I spend about one third of my professional time on M & A commercial legal work, that is Mergers and Acquisitions, and I can tell you for a fact that we are in a deep trough of investment with all major players holding fire on decisions apart from closures and relocations. The maniacal insane idea that you postulate that somehow the economy is unbalanced just beggars belief. It certainly IS unbalanced, but not toward manufacturing, farming and engineering, the sectors that Brexit will devastate. a No Deal Brexit threatens to massively increase that imbalance by reducing yet more of our engineering and manufacturing sectors as well as having a massive damaging impact on farming and food and drink production, thus leaving the economy even more massively tilted toward financial services. Right now it is the consumer economy that is keeping us out of recession, and that consumer confidence will not stand a long period of unrestrained closures and downsizings.
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