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Originally Posted by Curious Pax View Post

Just to pick up 2 points. Firstly the Office of National Statistics reports that rolling three-month growth slowed for the second consecutive month after growth of 0.5% in Quarter 1 2019, and the Bank of England has amended itís growth forecasts for 2019 and 2020 to 1.3% in each year, a long way off the target 2%

Starts on new homes fell in the first quarter, with long term the trend flattening around 220,000 per year according to the FT.

Was anything else you said rooted in reality?
Your point about the economy proves what exactly? Its growing, and has done since the leave vote. Despite Gideon and Carney forecasting meltdown!

Housing, dont get me started on that, the Govt target is 300k per annum, whichever way you look at it there not far off that number. By some measures we've already hit it. I happen to think a sustainable number is about 10% of that figure!

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