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Originally Posted by Pontius Navigator View Post
I voted remain. Once
I expected we would leave 3 years ago.
I don't recall anything about Article 50 needing to be declared some time in the future. As we didn't declare Article 50 I assumed my Government was getting all its ducks in a row, declare Article 50, and follow a prepared time table.
I did not realise they would do sod all effective planning and then declare Article 50.
I never dreamt that two years later they would be no nearer leaving.

The problem was simple. Cameron never thought we would vote leave. All Tories, bar one, recognised the cluster flock and anointed a remained as PM. She in turn appointment a heavy pro-remain cabinet and a buffoon as Brexit negotiator with a remain chief of staff.

After three years of stagnation getting out is the quickest way to move on. A second referendum or a general election might produce a remain vote but it might not. Either way it would just drag on.
@PN See? You voted Remain and you say yourself you did not know anything about what it was all about!!!! Who did? This Referendum (I have been living and paying taxes in the UK for donkey's years and like 3 millions others like me, did not have a say in it... this alone would have made a big difference in the result!) was not explained, people still do not understand anything about the EU apart fron having heard stupid allegations for years, many of them coming out of a hole belonging to a well known journalist/politian/clown/latin lover we have the privilege to follow at high speed over Dover cliffs.
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