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Originally Posted by alicopter View Post
Personnally, I am 100% sure the UK will never leave (even if I often think the rest of the EU would be better off without them... but after all, I do love around 50% of the British people I know and would be sad to see them leave, even more so the Irish and the Scotish) This is mostly an English tantrum... they'll get over it.
With you on that.

Everybody in Europe is being so fed up with the UK little game that although most reasonable people still think the leave decision was unwise, the "let them go, and the sooner the better" is now predominant.
Everybody in Europe is flabbergasted that the British politicians and voters didn't even think of the Nortern Ireland situation.
They're dancing on a powder keg, and still continue to argue while everybody else is waiting (im)patiently for them to make up their mind...
And as you say, surely the rest of the EU would be better off without such a partner as the UK has been to date...
Maybe if someone in the EU stood up and kicked them out, to help them take decisions ;-)

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