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pax britanica
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Well, having rightly had a one week ban for being too emotional the world hasn't changed much

1 People still going on about un-elected bureaucrats-who by definition are always unelected just like our current PM is un-elected and has the tiniest majority but that s apparently just fine.
2 Our friends in the USA have made it clear that any tax on Google and Amazon etc who steal billions from HMRC every year will mean no trade deal. America FIRST you know. The Eu on the other hand can pursue these people because it is too big to mess about with and doesn't depend on USA.
3 Carney at the BoE is accused of reviving project fear, something that is fair enough as most of it has come true with 1 GBP= 1 EUR and the USD heading the same way: UK car industry has lost thousands of jobs, the Japanese are threatening to pull their UK investments and UK business especially in retail and travel are on the skids, so he doesn't have to revive it because much of it has already come true.
4 Boris makes another promise he cannot keep about nationwide high speed internet, which will 'turbo charge Britain . of course a lot of countries already have much faster speeds than the UK and as usual with the PM he didnt' check with the people who actually have to do the work.

I hope the mods find this acceptable and I apologise to them and anyone else I may have upset through being a bit emotional about the state of my much beloved country
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