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Originally Posted by SquawkID View Post
Hello everyone.

my Application went very smooth.

Applied June 15th.
Cut-e June 21st.
Phone Call June 26th.
Assessment July 16th.
Course start sept 30th on FR 1913.

Some Guys were successful in the assessment and have to wait until early January for their course to start.

I would not panic about the latest news. Ryanair still made more 270 million in the second quarter and i think the mess about Brexit and the Max will be sorted by the end of the year and Ryanair will still need Pilots. I could imagine, that RYR is trying to dismiss the McGinley-Pilots first, as it is easier than to get rid of Ryanair-contract-Pilots. As long as they keep inviting people, i would apply. If you might have to wait a little after a successful assessment, but they will need Pilots again soon.
I think FlyingGreek has put it well. Other Airlines suffer from smaller win margins aswell and other LCC had it even worse...

So, who else is in FR 1913 starting September 30th? There are 4 Guys from my Assessment Group, Anyone else?
There is no reason why they would want to get rid of contractor FOs because they are cheaper to the company than employees and doesn't cost them a dime to just have them just flying less, so why would they let a future captain go, when it's free to keep them?

Stop panicking, nobody will get laid off. Recruitment will go on, although in smaller numbers until there is certainty about the MAXes.
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