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There certainly would be sufficient demand for this, and Shannon withpre clearance would be a compelling prosposition if marketed correctly. However, the issue is that the only airline positioned to do this is Aer Lingus. They have significant feed on BHD LHR and they probably would have far more attractive short haul with better point to point pick up than BHD, so highly unlikely.
The operation at SNN stands on its own two feet, I think that should be celebrated. Trying to get a dozen low-yield passengers from Belfast or Paris onto SNN-JFK is a folly. With the 321LR, there might be room to squeeze MCO, YYZ or ORD into the schedule and to extend the JFK/BOS to year-round. To me, the idea of a "mini-hub" seems counter-productive. I am presuming that the SNN operation is almost entirely O&D and achieves very good loads. Connecting traffic would offer a low-yield and potentially displace SNN O&D passengers, which would be bad for the region. While a hub sounds attractive, aircraft are easily moved - especially if filling subsidised/low-yield/connecting traffic.In Europe a dual-hub has never worked, even in London - easily the most premium and high-volume market on the continent. BA spent hundreds of millions over decades trying to make a dual Gatwick/Heathrow hub work.
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