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Originally Posted by SMT Member View Post
Oh, don't worry, they will. It's rather telling of the corrupt nature of Trump, that following the Swedish PM's rebuttal to his first set of tweets (The Swedish government neither can, or will, interfere with the workings of police and courts), Trump expressed his disappointment with that 'decision'. One can only deduct, that Trump does not believe in the seperation of powers in legislating, judging and enforcing, but rather thinks it's quite OK for the legislating power to interfere with the workings of courts and police.

To say one is disgusted would be about as surprising as this shining example of how corrupt Herr Twitler really is.

Chalk your rant up as someone who doesnít fundamentally get US politics. Trumpís efforts are for domestic consumption, show a segment of the population not likely intent on voting for him that he cares enough to try to spring this yahoo from the big house. Gains him some good will with the black community. He did it before with university basketball players caught stealing in China.

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