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Joebloggs08 is quite rightly frustrated as to the latest BA FPP scheme where the beancounters are ruling the roost.
Even with their recent annual accounts as part of IAG they seem unmoved.

There is of course at least one other way to become a professional pilot. The modular route. Start earning, start saving, and those determined to succeed will do so. It will invariably take longer but if it is really what you want to do, you will do it.

An analogy I use: it is like going into the Church, you need to believe in God.

The modular student achieves because they are fully committed. That isn't to say that Sponsored student are not. They have had to jump through a number of very testing hoops to be accepted in the first place. The vast majority are very keen.
You do however get the odd sponsored student who can clearly charm the birds off the trees (interviews etc) but start to loose interest, have doubts etc about being a pilot during the course.

BA will recruit outwith their FPP schemes, but hoop jumping is inevitable.
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