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Originally Posted by giggitygiggity View Post

Today a radar failure has resulted in (at my count) 33 cancelled flights from LGW for my airline ALONE. What is the cost of that financially? Happens a number of times a year; surely thatís worth installing a little more redundancy? Of course I realise that it is not that simple, but I think we just get into the mindset that the London airspace is simply just too busy for there ever to be any solution!

We are just frankly an embarrassment here in the UK.
I don't normally defend NATS but to say it happens a number of times a year is quite frankly rubbish and wrong. I understand the frustration but calm down. If the radar or radar feeds (more likely) have failed then what is meant to happen? See and be seen in the LTMA? Quite frankly if only 33 out of hundreds (I'm presuming) have been cancelled then they are coping quite well. No one has a redundancy system that runs at 100%. They are doing what they can as well as they can.
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