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Originally Posted by joebloggs08 View Post
So BA,

As you can see from people's reactions (including ex and current FPPs) and in my personal opinion as a current FPP, rightful comments, the new BA Cadet Programme is embarrassing to British Airways. There is no doubt that British Airways can no longer pride itself on employing 'the best pilots' when it limits its intake to only those who are wealthy enough to invest in the training.

Maybe it is just me but there seems to be some ambiguous answers flying around. I propose a few very simple questions..

Firstly, does BA realise how many not just successful but highly talented FPP First Officers are currently flying on the line for the airline? Many of which (and all of whom that I know) would not be in their current position was it not for the financial security of the FPP. Quite simply, removing this aspect from the Cadet Programme removes that talent available.
As plainly as can possibly be put, the current FPPs were chosen as the best out of all whom wanted to apply. The new scheme seems set out to take the best out of all whom can afford to apply. i.e. BA recruits the best of the people who can afford it rather than just the best full stop.
So, can BA see and do they agree that this new cadet scheme limits a huge amount of talent from the opportunity of becoming a British Airways pilot?

Secondly, as has been previously stated, not too long ago (FPP era) BA advertised that "one of the biggest obstacles is the cost of pilot training" and that "British Airways firmly believes this shouldn't be the case".
So, how is a talented individual who cannot afford the 115,000 supposed to be able to now pursue a career as a British Airways pilot?

I look forward to hearing any logical answers.
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